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As a partner agency, we provided creative direction, production design, build and expert staffing for the duration. The newly refurbished Monmouth Street store was transformed into The Myrica Muse Aperitif Café. Working with the brand, we produced a branded bar and café set up, where customers were able to try the new scent while sipping on complimentary cocktails, crafted by Lockdown Liquor & Co in the pop up café seating area.

Over 650 Torinos and non-alcoholic Tonic Spritz, freshly garnished with edible rose petals and sliced strawberries, were served to those who attended - presented with a scented coaster invite.

To create this special experience, we liaised with the council to secure the pavement space for outdoor installation, as well as coordinating fragrance vial and coaster sampling via local office drops and street roaming during five live days.


Couture fragrance house Miller Harris recently launched their brand new fragrance, Myrica Muse.

Miller Harris wanted to launch the brand new product in a way that would be completely fresh and unique, reflective of the brand itself - and that’s exactly what Boutique set out to assist with.


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