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So you need a retail staffing agency you can rely on. You need people fully in the know. Ahead of the game. Right on the money.
You need Boutique.

Fiercely enthusiastic about their field of expertise, each brand ambassador knows the industry inside out. So? You get retail brand representatives delivering on message to your key consumers.
Every. Single. Time.

With the perfect staffing solution, your campaign events are set to succeed from the outset. Boutique staff are used to bringing the energy and skill set needed to engage your customers.
They’re used to making every event special.

They’re used to putting the ‘pop’ in ‘pop-up’.
You want high-end, high-quality, high-performing experiential marketing? We hire luxury retail staff out every day. Carefully selected and hand-picked. So your product is safe with them.


  • Fashion & Luxury temporary staffing 

  • Luxury fashion

  • Counter assistance

  • Sales associates

  • Merchandising

  • Store training staff

  • Retail event management

  • Retail temp staff

  • Personal shopping advisors

  • Accessories & Leather goods 

  • Jewellery & Watches

  • Maternity cover

  • Mystery shoppers


Our team of Luxury Retail staff are highly skilled and experienced in engaging with customers, delivering exceptional customer service, and representing luxury brands with excellence.


With our carefully selected and trained fashion retail staff, Boutique guarantees to provide a sales team that will significantly impact your sales. You can rely on us to deliver trustworthy and competent individuals who are dedicated to driving your business forward in the fashion industry.


At Boutique, we recognise and prioritise the significance of providing outstanding customer service. Our team consists of highly skilled makeup artists, beauticians, sales-oriented performers, and counter staff who are adept at their specialized roles within the beauty industry.


Our sports retail specialists have experience working with various brands and can provide you with a wide range of trained retail staff. Our extensive database and nationwide coverage ensure that we can help you no matter what your specific requirements .


Thank you for considering Boutique for your next role.We are continuously seeking highly skilled professionals to join our team.

Please apply on our bespoke portal, and our consultants will reach out to discuss potential options.If you prefer, you can also browse our live vacancies and apply directly to a specific position of interest.



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