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We understand that consumer behavior is changing rapidly. So we use data and technology to track campaign performance.

In turn we share this with our clients in real time, we then analysis the data to reach all preset KPI's



Measure the impact of every campaign element with our state-of-the-art tracking tool. 

Real time. Reliable data. Really fantastic ROI.  

At Boutique our cutting-edge tracking tool for retail staffing provides you with a full return on investment dashboard.

Following each and every campaign, we follow up with a data-driven, thorough, and accurate report to track the reach, traction, and sales it achieved. 


Data & Insights

We have developed a client facing interactive campaign reporting system to show real time KPI's and allow our partners to create custom charts based upon chosen specific data sets.


View and download all quantitative and qualitative data to track the performance of the campaign or browse though photos and chose to download individually or in batches. Or simply download all campaign data in one single nicely formatted file. 


This reporting keeps you constantly in touch with all the activity feedback as it happens.


Data analysis for staffing

Our bespoke staffing portal provides a range of benefits and capabilities to efficiently manage promotional and retail staffing campaigns. These include a regional staff database.


Features include push messaging for instant updates, real-time availability dashboard, central booking portal, GPS checking-in and out, real-time reporting, automated uniform inventory tracker, and electronically stored NDAs, T&Cs, and mystery shopping questionnaires and results.


Staff Insights
Louis Vuitton
Michelle Lombardi
Managing Director of Boutique, Michelle Lombardi

Are you a brand or retailer interested in working with Boutique?

Book in time to speak with our Managing Director, Michelle Lombardi.



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