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At Boutique, actions speak louder than words.

We have a track record of creating thousands of jobs and supporting diversity and gender equality.


We believe in enabling our consultants to follow their passions and interests and provide full support from our leadership team.

We are committed to creating a compelling, rewarding, and enjoyable work experience for you to grow both personally and professionally.



We pride ourselves on exploring the possibilities within every candidate, helping them discover their potential and creating personal expressions that capture their heart and imagination. Our ultimate goal is to empower our candidates, boost their confidence, and build lasting relationships. Our work goes beyond simply selling products; it transforms lives, encourages growth, and serves a meaningful purpose. We invite you to share your passion with us and join us in making a difference in the world of retail.


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Our company prides itself on being a leader in promotional and retail staffing by maintaining high standards and attracting top-quality staff. We have a comprehensive four-stage recruitment process that involves actively seeking out the right candidates, putting them through our qualification process, providing intense brand training, and offering rewards for their hard work. This ensures that we consistently recruit and retain the best staff for our clients' campaigns.


Our training process consists of several stages that cover key areas such as communication, escalation processes, equipment, safety, security & service delivery. This ensures that staff are effectively trained, refreshed, and reminded of all important messaging and activation elements throughout the campaign.


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beauty staff opportunities

By investing in our bespoke brand academies, clients can ensure that the staff are an extension of their team. This has numerous benefits, including providing a platform to engage and motivate employees, offering comprehensive brand training and fostering an understanding of brand values. Additionally, it helps to build and nurture relationships with staff and promotes continuity within the team. 


Boutique is a trusted national staffing provider that offers a wide range of job opportunities.

With over 20 years of experience and a track record of putting thousands of people to work, we ensure reliability in getting paid quickly after each completed shift.


Let’s find a suitable position for your skills…


promotional and retail staffing

Thank you for considering Boutique for your next role. We are continuously seeking highly skilled professionals to join our team.

Please apply on our bespoke portal, and our consultants will reach out to discuss potential options.If you prefer, you can also browse our live vacancies and apply directly to a specific position of interest.


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