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Step inside the world of NDG where pressure is brought to life in an unexpected and fun way. Consumers were encouraged to pick a pod of choice and then put it under pressure to create their very own classic.
Consumers then dialled up the pressure via a tablet.

The circular structure of this experience reflected the look of an NDG pod. Paths led into the centre of the experience to reflect the machine's ‘green lines’ which lit up. There were also two ‘pick a pod’ walls where consumers were encouraged to pick a pod of choice and put it under pressure.

The pressure area was the central space where promo staff demonstrated the machines and pressure. The exterior of the stand showcased the ATL, whilst inside of the experience there was a seating area for consumers to enjoy their coffee.

Once promotional staff put the selected pod into the machine, the pressure experience began. Consumers simply needed to touch/turn the dials on the touch screen, dialling up the pressure and creating a surprising coffee moment. Projections from the ATL such as coffee drops and waves appeared around the machine, and changed to the beat of the track. A pressure dial filled up on the screen reaching 15 bars of pressure.

Once a coffee had been made the consumer could enjoy it in the seating area.


Our brief was to create an immersive and engaging experiential platform that fuses creativity and the enjoyment of the everyday into a true NDG coffee moment.

‘Deserving Perks’ don’t want life to be boring, they like to go beyond the conventional. We wanted to not only reinvent the classics but, in turn, reinvent moments - turning the everyday into the unexpected.


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