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Our team of beauty ambassadors located themselves in hotspot locations across London, equipped with promotional handouts, sampling vials, and a sampling tricycle to help promote and raise awareness of Burberry HERO.

Focusing on the target audience, we offered samples and a handout along with a bespoke experience outlining key ingredients in the fragrance, and recommendations for the perfect occasion to apply the HERO fragrance.

With a lot of women taking interest in the fragrance too, we encouraged use of the fragrance for all genders, as well as recommending the Burberry HERO as a gift for friends and family.

Intrigued consumers were directed into store to the Burberry area to find out more about the further Burberry range and look to purchase Burberry HERO for themselves, as well as friends and families.

Taking place on an iconic national weekend, with Harrods and Oxford Street decorated for the occasion, the team invited consumers to take a picture with the Burberry sampling bike and their Burberry HERO. They were encouraged to share this on social media as a memory for the Jubilee Weekend, creating a warm and positive atmosphere in all the areas of London we visited.


This was a consumer sampling across London taking place over the Queen Jubilee Bank Holiday, sampling Burberry male fragrance Burberry HERO.

The team was tasked with driving brand awareness through sampling and prompt organic user-generated content. Based across key London retail hotspots, such as Harrods and John Lewis & Partners, our team was able to not only promote the new HERO fragrance, but also drive footfall into the store, encouraging purchases.


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