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Most of us who have walked into a reasonably busy shopping centre at any point over the last few years will have probably walked past a pop-up store. Indeed, we might have even engaged with them in a more meaningful way, such as by purchasing from such an outlet.

But are these temporary stores – which seem to have become an ever-more common sight on many UK high streets – mere novelties or gimmicks? Or do they have a meaningful impact on many brands’ efforts to attract greater attention, sales, and revenue?

The statistics show that pop-up stores already have a proven track record

If it seems to you at times that pop-up shops have swept across the UK and even global retail landscape lately, this is a conclusion backed up by relevant data.

One survey referenced by Insider a few years ago found that eight in 10 (80%) global retail companies that had opened a pop-up shop claimed it was successful. Indeed, more than half (58%) of respondents said there was a strong chance of them using the tactic again.

Furthermore, the same Insider report referenced statistics that showed pop-up stores had helped brands to achieve great results. Research found that when it came to the most popular outcomes pop-up shops achieved, an improvement in market visibility topped the list (51%). This was followed by increased sales (46%) and greater social media engagement (46%).

But what are some of the ways in which pop-ups convert interest into sales?

So, the data points to the ability that pop-up stores have to deliver concrete results for brands. But it’s probably not enough for your business to merely get a few more people turning their heads in your direction when you set up a pop-up store in a highly visible location.

So, here are just a few ways in which pop-up outlets can help make increased sales possible:

  • They help give your brand a (literal) human face. A lot is said these days about the importance of imbuing brands with humanity, especially at a time of increasingly widespread artificial intelligence (AI) use. A face-to-face conversation is an experience quite unlike an often-impersonal online shopping interface. And, more than that, our Boutiques’ own proven pop-up staffing solutions can help make those conversations even more positive, engaging, and useful experiences.

  • They help provide an all-round sensory experience. We touched on the word “experience” a few times above, so let’s emphasise it again. We’re increasingly entering a world in which “omnichannel”, “immersive”, and “experiential” are watchwords; simply putting together a well-designed website, or having great-quality products on the shelves, may be far from enough for getting sales over the line. Pop-up stores can therefore be a key part of a business’s wider “phygital” strategy, engaging the senses of visitors to the point where they feel more engaged with the broader brand, and willing and able to commit to purchases from that brand.

  • They enable customers to directly touch and experience a product. It’s the pain point that brands depending purely on an online, rather than face-to-face retail presence cannot get around: potential customers being unable to directly look at and feel a given item before purchasing. A pop-up store gives your brand a means of bypassing that problem. Target customers of yours who may have been hesitant to go as far as ordering from your online store, may be encouraged to go ahead and purchase if they can truly “try before they buy”.

While our own pop-up staffing solutions here at Boutique won’t represent the start and end of your brand’s efforts to make its next pop-up shop campaign worthwhile, such services can certainly play a profound role.

Reach out to our team today, and we will be pleased to speak to you about how our specialist staff could provide a crucial ingredient as you seek to extract greater sales from your temporary outlets.

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