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We created two experiential pop-up experiences, powered by social media which toured around the UK and worked in conjunction with Selfridges.

The shareable pop-up shop exterior was made primarily of digital screens that updated with a live feed using the campaign hashtag. Other technology aspects included Social Snap, whereby consumers could take photos of themselves either inside the pop-up shop or on a backdrop in the retail space and share them to the external digital screens or built in screens on the stand.

The campaign enabled consumers to smell, sample and purchase the newly launched fragrance from Calvin Klein. Within the pop up, iPads were available to source information of ingredients and social sharing ideas.
Our staff were on hand to offer the highest level of customer service you would expect in any retail environment.


Calvin Klein announced its release of the very first 'gender-free' fragrance. Though the iconic brand was one of the first to embrace the CK2 POP-UP concept of unisex fragrance, it wanted to take the idea one step further by opening up to the concept of gender fluidity with its new 'genderless' product – CK2.

CK2 was described by the brand as, the 'new gender-free scent that embodies the thrill of life and celebrates the diversity of connections between two people'.


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